President's Message
20 June 2024

  It has been a while since my last update. I want you to know that our board members have made great strides in promoting and building our great association and making it stronger for you, our members.

  Since our last update ASA board members and volunteers attended and participated in several sniper related events and continue to support the sniper community. These events include:

Past events.

  • all Sniper Course Graduations at Ft. Moore, GA. (Ron, Art, Chris)
  • SHOT Show in Las Vegas (Jim)
  • the International Sniper Competition: (all + 12 volunteers)
    • range / CoF volunteer support
    • Sponsor reception
    • Sniper Exposition Days
    • International Sniper Competition Awards Banquet
  • USASOC Sniper Competition – Ft Liberty, NC (Jim)
  • Washington State Tactical Officer’s Association SWAT symposium – Kennewick, WA (Jim)
  • Snipercraft Sniper Week – St Petersburg, FL (Jim)
  • SOF Week – Tampa, FL (Jim)

Upcoming events.

  • The Gathering of Snipers – Appomattox and Gladstone, VA. (all)
  • Major Land Sniper Cup at Black Bear – Gladstone, VA. (all)
  • ELR and Liberty Bell Competition at Pitts, GA. (Ron, Art))
  • ARNG WPW Competition at Ft Chaffee, AR. (Ron)

    During the ISC Awards Banquet we were proud to present Art Prieto the first Army Sniper Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  As most of you know, Art has been a huge part of the Army Sniper community for over 40 years.  During his 22 years on active duty, Art spent most of his time as a sniper or sniper instructor.  After retirement Art was selected as the first President of the Army Sniper Association and has served as president multiple times: 2001-2003 and 2017-2021. For over 20 years Art has remained instrumental in ensuring ASA maintains its focus of supporting Army Sniper training and the larger Sniper community. He is currently an ASA board member that focuses on External Activities and serves as ASA’s representative for Liberty Bell competitions.  We all owe Art a debt of gratitude for his efforts in the sniper community. Congratulations!

  We are also proud to announce the 2024 SFC Earl S. Ellis Memorial Scholarship awardees, they are:  Kyle Carracino and Emily Broseus.

  Kyle is currently attending Florida State University’s college of criminology and plans to continue onto law school.  Kyle completed his associate degree by dual enrolling in a local college while attending High School.  One of Kyle’s greatest achievements was earning the Boy Scouts of America’s Eagle Scout rank.  We wish Kyle continued success in academics and life!

  Emily is currently attending the University of Arkansas as a Psychology Major while also working towards a minor in Human Resource and Workforce Development as well as a minor in Political Science.  Her plans include pursuing a career in Human Resources after graduation.  She also works part time as an Optical Technician at a local eye clinic.  She enjoys working out and spending time with family when not working or attending school.  We wish Emily the best in her future endeavors.

  Would like to welcome our two newest board members:  Chris Rance as the new ASA Secretary and David Liwanag, Chairman of the Sniper Hall of Fame committee.  Chris and David have added a great amount of vision for the association’s future.  We all welcome their efforts.

  The Sniper Memorial Monument received its semi-annual cleaning and protection this month.  It has weathered many years but, is now professionally maintained.  It looks better than it has in years.  If you are in the Ft. Moore area, drop by and take a look at it and remember those snipers who gave all.

  In closing, I want to thank you, the ASA members and the association’s board and volunteers for all the time, effort and contributions dedicated to promoting and making ASA the great association it is.


Thank You for Your Support,

Ron Kuykendall

President, Army Sniper Association

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