President's Message
December 15, 2023

  It has been a while since my last update. I want you to know that our board members have made great strides in promoting and building our great association and making it stronger for you, our members.

  Since our last update ASA board members attended and participated in several sniper related events and continue to support the sniper community. These events include:

  • all Sniper Course Graduations at Ft. Moore, GA.
  • The Gathering of Snipers at Pigg River Precision – Rocky Mount, VA.
  • Major Land Sniper Cup at Black Bear – Gladstone, VA.
  • ELR and Liberty Bell Competition at Pitts, GA.
  • ARNG WPW Competition at Ft Chaffee, AR.

  I would like to give my wife, Andrea, a special thanks for running the ASA Merc Trailer/Pop-Up at all these events.  Many of you have told me how much you enjoyed meeting her and appreciate her hard work during these events.

  The association is also fortunate to have a Vice President, Jim Harris, that has the ability to travel the world and combine work with promoting ASA and the sniper community; I am grateful for all the effort Jim puts into these events and engagements, these include:  

  • SHOTshow – Las Vegas
  • Enforcetac / IWA – Germany
  • Visit to Israeli Sniper School – Israel
  • Snipercraft Sniper Week – St Petersburg, FL
  • Global SOF week – Tampa
  • USASOC Sniper Competition – Fort Bragg (Fort Liberty)
  • European Special Operations Sniper Symposium – Poland
  • Danish International Sniper Competition – Denmark
  • UK Tri-Service Sniper Competition – United Kingdom
  • Territorial Defense Forces Sniper Instructor Training Conference – Poland
  • ITSEC Conference – Orlando

We are proud of an ASA Scholarship recipient, Mariah Cady, that has earned a 2024 Rhodes Scholarship.  The Rhodes Scholarship is one of the most exclusive and prestigious scholarships in the world.  Each year thousands of students worldwide apply for this scholarship with a global acceptance rate of ~0.7%.  We wish Mariah the best as she attends the University of Oxford in Britain.  As a side note, Mariah is the daughter of Butch Cady, an ASA board member.  I know Butch is proud of her and those that know Butch are sure Mariah’s academic talents come from her mother’s side of the family…   

  I am also proud to announce the 2024 SFC Earl S. Ellis Memorial Scholarship applications are available at:   The application process for this year’s scholarship program begins December 15, 2023. To qualify, submitted applications require a postmark or e-mail receipt date no later than February 15, 2024.  Awardees are announced via e-mail March 1, 2024. A scholarship awards ceremony is conducted in conjunction with the International Sniper Competition awards banquet at Columbus, GA. 11 April 2024, all scholarship awardees are encouraged to attend.  Good luck to all who apply. 

Recently we have finally been able to have the Sniper Memorial Monument cleaned and a layer of protection applied.  We have coordinated for a semi-annual program of cleaning and protection.  It has weathered many years but, will now be professionally maintained.  It now looks better than it has in years.  If you are in the Ft. Moore area, drop by and take a look at it and remember those snipers who gave all.

  In closing, I want to thank you and the ASA board members for all the time, effort and contributions dedicated to promoting and making ASA the great association it is.

Thank You for Your Support,

Ron Kuykendall

President, Army Sniper Association

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