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As the newly elected president, I would like to introduce myself and the Board of Directors to the Army Sniper Association’s (ASA) General Membership. I also want to reiterate the ASA’s mission, purpose and goals, provide some recent history of organization and give you an update on recent activities. This is a lengthy message and a long time coming but, I feel it is necessary in order to provide a common picture to the membership of this great organization.


“Support Army Snipers, past, present and future” by creating a sense of esprit de corps, camaraderie and cooperation focusing on common sniper community objectives. ASA’s objectives include:

1) Maintain active Web-Site and Social Media presence to exchange relevant information with the Sniper community.

2) Sponsor and support international and local sniper competitions. Coordinate vendors and sponsors who generously fund these events and provide prize packages to the top-performing individuals and teams. ASA also coordinates vendor and sponsor activities to include expos, vendor range days and banquets with award ceremonies that recognize participants and sponsors.

3) Support U.S. Army Sniper School by providing plaques, awards and merchandise for top-performing students through generous donations of ASA membership, its sponsors and ASA fundraising efforts.

4) Maintain a formal relationship, solidified by a written agreement(s) between the Army Sniper Association and Maneuver Center of Excellence, Ft. Benning, GA.

5) Manage the SSG Eric Caban Sniper Care Program, that provides funding assistance to Snipers and their families that need our help.

6) Manage the SFC Stan Ellis Scholarship Fund, that provides educational assistance to Sniper family children as they further their education.

7) Raise funds by: Offering life-time memberships to qualified applicants, E-commerce merchandise and accepting donations.

Recent History:

Through the last few years, the ASA has struggled to meet its mission goals. The primary reason for this was lack of board members willing to assist in the many efforts required to keep the organization alive and healthy. Art Prieto (retired NCOIC of the Sniper School) managed to keep the organization alive as President for the last 4-5 years, many times by himself or with help of Butch Cady (prior Sniper School instructor).

Sep-Dec 2021 timeframe, many of us original Sniper School cadre and founding ASA members met at Stan Ellis’s place in Pensacola, FL. to have a last visit with our long-time sniper brother before he passed. During this time Art informed us of ASA’s dire state of affairs and asked us if we could help with the organization. Those of us that had time available agreed to become involved and attempt to save the organization.

Art appointed board members and thus began the reorganization and rejuvenation of the ASA. This executive board consisted of President-Mark Rozycki (original Board President 2006-2008), Vice President-Jim Harris (original Sniper School Cadre), Secretary-(myself) Ron Kuykendall (original Sniper School Cadre/ASA founding member) and Treasurer-Jonathan Payne (Synovus banker). Chairmen included Art Prieto-external activities, Butch Cady-National Guard affairs, John Meyer-IT/e-commerce, Dr. Lonny Wright- Vendor Affairs, Shawn Rhodes-Legal advisor and Matt Brown-Liberty Bell challenge coordinator. The Executive Board and

Chairmen constitute ASA’s Board of Directors. It should be noted that all of these people are volunteers, giving back to the sniper community with their own time and resources. No one is compensated by the organization for travel or the many items and actions this group has donated to revive ASA to its current state.

Jan 2022 the board met to identify immediate challenges. The board agreed that support of the International Sniper Competition was priority. The board focused its efforts into coordination of vendors, locations, vendor days activities and the ASA award banquet. Establishing e-commerce on the ASA web-site was an additional priority and all can agree that John Meyer has accomplished this task quite well. Other challenges included updating ASA’s Constitution/By Laws, gaining approvals and several administrative tasks that I completed with the help of many State, local and Ft. Benning agencies.

Apr 2022 saw the Army Sniper School’s successful execution of the International Sniper Competition with ASA in a supporting role of this event. ASA highlights included coordination for sniper related vendor participation, hosting Sniper Vendor Days with live firing on Ft. Benning, NASCAR Racing team participation in vendor days, providing food vendors on site at ranges and during vendor day activities, hosting the Vendor Reception and the ASA Sniper Awards banquet at Columbus, GA. Trade Center, that included Latham Saddler (ex. White House Dir. of Intel. Pgrms.) and Pete Hegseth (FOX News Anchor) as guest speakers!

May 2022 Mark Rozycki resigned from the board due to a State Department assignment in Iraq. The Board of Directors conducted nominations and votes that resulted in myself elected as President, Dr. Lonny Wright (original Sniper Cadre) elected as Secretary and a new Chairman position of Liaison for Army Sniper School. Larry Davis (previous Sniper instructor) was voted to fill this role. We are excited to have Larry with us, his and all of our bios are/or soon will be updated on ASA’s web-site. But as a special note: Larry’s son is currently an instructor at the Sniper School, just shows sniping runs in that family.

Legal guidelines:

ASA in not classified as a local fraternal or social organization. It is a national organization with over 800 members. While one of its missions is creating a sense of esprit de corps, camaraderie and cooperation focusing on common sniper community objectives, it is a federally recognized, board governed, nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of Georgia and registered with the Secretary of State. ASA is also recognized as a private organization with a formal written agreement authorizing it’s elected/appointed members to conduct business on Ft. Benning, GA. However, we are not a part of the Department of Defense or any of its Components and have no governmental status. Several DOD regulations and policies limit government employees’ participation as board members of nonprofits such as ASA. Due to the challenges of active duty personnel serving non-profit organizations closely related to their current duty positions, ASA has established a board member liaison to represent and support the Army Sniper School cadre and graduates.

As ASA President, I have three primary goals for this year:

One goal is to increase ASA presence and representation at sniper events throughout the sniper community. Examples of these are Jim Harris’s (Vice President) participation at the Danish Sniper Competition in Denmark (Traveling at his own expense), 4-8 Jul 22; ASA board members and myself at the Gathering in Blakely, GA 3-6 Nov 22 and ASA board members and myself at Ft. Benning MWR’s, Multi Gun Competition 17-20 Nov 22. Would like to see many of you at these events as well. If you know of other events you would like to recommend, drop us a note on the site or at ASA’s Facebook page.

A second goal is to identify candidates for awarding scholarships from the Earl S Ellis Scholarship Fund. We will provide more information on this activity later in the year. The submission process is projected to begin Nov 22. We will also continue to support snipers in need through the SSG Caban Sniper Care fund.

The third goal that I have is to identify a process to include representation from the General Membership into the ASA Board of Directors. ASA’s recent history required quick actions to establish the current board membership. However, the ASA must have a larger voice from its general membership. I ask you for recommendations to establish a process to include you in ASA’s decisions, voting and future direction.

Thank You for Your Support,

Ron Kuykendall

President, Army Sniper Association

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