Your Army Sniper Association officers, board of directors and staff are committed to serving our members and supporting the sniper community.


Ron Kuykendall

Ron is a graduate of Marine and Army Sniper Schools. He was one of the first Senior Sniper Instructors at the Army Sniper School and supported its founding in 1987. As Ron progressed through his Army career, he graduated from the Army’s Bradley Master Gunner course and served as Master Gunner at all echelons in Germany. Returning to CONUS, he served as the Master Gunner Technical Advisor for TRADOC and the Bradley Program Manager. After retiring from the military, Ron  became a Department of the Army Civilian serving as Chief of the Bradley New Equipment Team, Technical Advisor for TRADOC’s Capability Managers for Armored and Striker Brigade Combat Teams. During this time Ron remained active in the Sniper community and was a founding member of the Army Sniper Association in 2002.  Ron retired from Department of the Army in December 2019 as the Technical Advisor for the Army Capability Manager for Armored Brigade Combat Teams. 


James Harris

James is a former unit sniper, sniper section leader and a graduate of the US Army Sniper School. He served as one of the original instructors at the school and was later selected as the operations NCO and Senior Instructor. James separated from service after nine years and pursued a law enforcement career. He worked extensively in a number of supervisory assignments at the local level as well as with federal agencies and the US Department of Justice.  He retired from full time law enforcement after 25 years as a master sergeant and the supervisor of a violent crime task force. He remains active as a part-time officer. James was the winner of the 1990 All Army Sniper Competition. He attended Troy University where he studied business.


Christopher Rance

Christopher is a graduate of the U.S. Army Sniper Course as well as a former sniper instructor. He led snipers at the team and section level.  He served as a Training Developer and Doctrine writer at MCoE on Fort Moore, authoring Sniper Training Circular 3-22.10.

His combat deployments include Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Christopher trained US and allied snipers and competed in various international sniper competitions.  His decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal and Combat Infantryman Badge.

He currently serves as lead instructor for CR2 Shooting Solutions in Columbus GA.


Don Stewart

Don is a graduate of the US Army Sniper School as well as a former sniper instructor. He has served on the board of several non profit organizations. Don has been employed by Toyota Motor Corporation of North America since 1997. He currently serves as a Vice President and he is responsible for the new 1.29 billion dollar manufacturing mega site in North Carolina.

I.T. and E-Commerce

John Meyer

John is a graduate of the US Army Sniper School. He served as one of the original instructors for the school. John served on active duty for over 14 years and transitioned to the reserves, where he eventually retired. After separating from service, John became involved in the computer field. He has over 27 years of IT and tech experience working for a goverment agency in the Washington DC area.

External Activities

Art Prieto

Art is a graduate of numerous military and civilian sniper schools to include the US Army Sniper School and Marine Corps Sniper School. He is the former NCOIC of the U.S. Army Sniper School and the original president of the Army Sniper Association. After retiring from active duty, Art worked extensively as a civilian instructor and as a contractor. Art just completed a lengthy term serving as the Army Sniper Association President for the second time.

National Guard Affairs

Butch Cady

Butch is a graduate of the US Army Sniper School and a former instructor. He has worked extensively with national guard and reserve components training teams that have competed in the International Sniper Competition. Butch also serves as the association’s National Guard Liaison. He is the former Vice President of the Army Sniper Association.

Chairman - Hall of Fame

David Liwanag

Dave is a graduate of the US Army Marksmanship Unit Sniper School. He led and trained snipers at platoon, SFODA, company, and battalion. He commanded three Special Forces ODAs, the Pacific Command Crisis Response Force, the Army Parachute Team, and the Army Marksmanship Unit. He served as an instructor at the Special Forces School, the SF Military Free Fall School, and Army ROTC at the Corps of Cadets, Texas A&M University. He served as an operations and plans officer in Special Forces, a Special Mission Unit, intelligence activities, and The Joint Staff.

His expedition and combat deployments include Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti; as an 82nd Airborne Division LNO to JSOC in Iraq; and as Deputy Chief of the Counter Terrorism Command Military Training Team, Iraqi National Counter Terrorism Force.

Dave trained US and allied assaulters and snipers; revived the Army Small Arms Championships; and established Special Mission Unit, JSOC, and National Match Excellence-in-Competition matches. His decorations include the Bronze Star, Combat Action Badge, the Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge, and The President’s Hundred tab.

He currently serves as a Threat Analyst for the Maneuver Center of Excellence G-2.


Shawn Rhodes

Shawn has been practicing law in Georgia since 2007. He currently serves as a sitting judge in Wilcox County. Shawn is one of the founders of the annual Liberty Bell shoot and he is an advocate for the sniper community and the Army Sniper Association.


Matt Brown

Matt is an avid shooting sports enthusiast. He has been involved with the annual Liberty Bell Challenge shooting competition for years and he is one of the coordinators for this event annually. Matt co-sponsors this event with the Army Sniper Association in support of our causes.

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